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Student Name: Kelly Nolan
Project Title: The unmoved Mover
Project Description:
Two things were running through my mind after reading the assigned article on Aristotle’s philosophy on motion — 1) his concept of the unmoved mover and 2) the form of kaleidoscopes — reflected geometric patterns.

According to Aristotle, everything has a cause and effect, except for the unmoved mover, which is the first thing to set the universe in motion and is never moved. To Aristotle, that was god. Meanwhile, to explore my idea of a kaleidoscope, I experimented with a prism — a solid geometric object that refracts light. I shone different colored lights through the prism and photographed the refracted light through the prism. The results were photographs which I personally thought were incredibly interesting and something not from this earth— other-worldly. The scenes went well with my idea of god and the unmoved mover. READ FULL BLOG POST

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