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Student Name: Ciaran Brandin, Hannah Kim, Kaylah Haye
Project Title: Experimental Typography, Whatever that Means: Conceptual Type
Project Description:
Hannah, Ciaran and I (Kaylah) were put in a group to come up with an exhibition in response to a design article of our choosing from the catalog Graphic Design: Now in Process. We chose the article “Experimental Typography, Whatever that Means” by Peter Bil’ak. The article argued for and against experiments in design and posed the question “are experiments in design even possible?” Bil’ak also touched on the difference between the scientific experiment and the artistic experiment; the artistic experiment is not seen as anything to be taken seriously, while the scientific experiment is something that is taken very seriously. There were many sides to this article to respond to, so we decided to create a sort of typography “lab” with experiments and have the viewer respond for themselves. The catch was, we only had three weeks to design, install, and de-install everything. Instead of trying to design every element of the exhibition together, we divided the tasks to fit our strengths and came together for and quick and efficient installation. READ FULL BLOG POST 

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