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Student Name: Alicja Wisniowska, Skye Tse, Andrew Kim, Raven
Project Title: Brand New Worlds
Project Description:
In this assignment, the book Graphic Design: Now in Production was used as a reference for which to base the design of an exhibition. Our group, consisting of Andrew, Raven, Skye, and I, got together to first decide on an article, and then to toss around ideas of how we were going to go about execute a number of deliverables in response to our reading. These deliverables include a printed A0 poster, wall plaque, video, and book.

Brand New Worlds by Andrew Blauvelt is a meaty article that talks about a lot of different concepts. It gave us the history of logos and corporate identity, offered a series of logo redesigns, and discussed heraldry among other topics. What excited us were logos. There are thousands of them out there, and yet they are constantly being redesigned or updated to fit in with different societal views or to align with changed company missions. We first looked at logo redesigns and tried to find a way to pull an interested concept out of changed designs over time. In the end we found that direction would have lead to a project that was more research based than we would have liked. We tried something else, and compiled a collection of local and global logos to match with the letters of the alphabet. READ FULL BLOG POST 

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