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Student Name: Jordan Philips
Project Title: 1 Word: Explode
Project Description:
This project took on several different lives for me, as far as the process of change that occurred between initial iteration, storyboarding, filming, and final editing (and re-filming/ re-editing). The initial word that I chose at random was “explode”, and I wanted to explore this word in the context of mycology, something I enjoy that I wanted to share about myself. I always begin every project by mind-mapping: exploring how the relationship between words and images can create and uncover new meanings and ideas. 

This layout differed from my usual mind map methodology because I wanted to move quickly towards the movement aspect, something I had never considered. Film has never been something I explored because I find it incredibly difficult to think in movement as is required for film and motion. I chose to consider how the words, themes and concepts I came up with could relate visually, and how I might go about recreating them for the context of the film. READ FULL BLOG POST 

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