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My teaching philosophy is rooted in a forward-looking approach that embraces the ever-evolving landscape of design and education. While my past experiences have shaped my perspective, I am more focused on guiding students toward a future vision of design and their roles as interdisciplinary designers in society.

I believe that inspiration is abundant in our immediate surroundings and everyday lives. As such, I encourage my students to look closely at their own experiences and environments for creative sparks. Often, overlooked or seemingly mundane elements can serve as powerful sources of inspiration for both formal and theoretical work. This approach helps students develop a strong foundation in critical thinking and problem-solving.

In today's dynamic world of graphic design, the integration of various media is essential. My goal is to equip students not only with technical skills and a grasp of contemporary tools but also with a deep understanding of the historical context of graphic design and typography. This understanding is crucial as dynamic media plays an increasingly significant role in the field.

However, my focus extends beyond technical proficiency. I aim to help students understand themselves better and nurture their individual voices as designers. By exposing them to diverse systems and disciplines of creative output, I empower them to break free from traditional boundaries and explore new ideas. Collaboration and the ability to accept criticism are essential skills in today's graphic design landscape, which has become a shared experience like never before.

As an educator, I cherish the opportunity to learn from the next generation of designers and to guide them toward a future where they can drive innovation, contribute to the ever-evolving field of graphic design, and make meaningful impacts on society. My teaching philosophy is not about dwelling on the past but rather about inspiring and preparing students for the exciting possibilities and challenges that lie ahead in the world of design.