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Student Name: Chrissy Casavant
Project Title: Tender Buttons
Project Description:
My main goal for this project was to explore the Procreate animation capability. I love the look of stop motion text, but don’t have the focus or dedication to doing that in an analog format. As an illustrator, I’m still getting to know how Procreate works as a drawing app, but I had heard lots of good things about the animation assist feature, and wanted to see if I could make it work for me.

The passage I chose was: “Light blue and the same red with purple makes a change. It shows that there is no mistake. Any pink shows that and very likely it is reasonable. Very likely there should not be a finer fancy present.” When I chose the passage I did, I felt that it could be communicated through colors and words, which translates well to Procreate. READ FULL BLOG POST

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