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Student Name: Kylie Carrol, Davide Bianchi, Jonathan Pincher, Clay Allen
Project Title: Direct Shot
Project Description:
Direct Shot is an investigation of the process of design. Making as a process encapsulates both elements of rigid structure and unpredictable play. We highlight this disparity by inviting the audience to engage in the crafting of paper airplanes. Paper airplanes follow a fold pattern to complete a specific style of plane, this process parallels many traditional design environments where creators are expected to plan, implement, and fulfill a predetermined goal. On the other hand, paper airplanes are unpredictable in flight and emphasize the element of chance. The unforeseeable is a large influence in the design process, as designers must remain open to new ideas and remain resilient to any obstacles that accumulate along the way. To be a designer is to walk the line between the predetermined and the unknown. This harmony allows for the process itself to help shape the product, creating an end result that is maybe different but more effective than the original plan. We encourage you to engage with our exhibition and make your own paper airplane, aim for the target in the center and see where the experience takes you. READ FULL BLOG POST 

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