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Student Name: Angela W, Angie Wijaya, Jiayi Ma, Sarah Perkins
Project Title: Brand Matrix
Project Description:
We were stuck together again. Angela and I (Angie). UGH. Just Kidding. We love working together. But now we were smushed with another duo, Sarah and Jiayi. Together with the power of four, we decided to tackle the essay, Brand Matrix by Armin Vit and Bryony Gomez-Palacio.

And so we embarked on a journey to explain this essay to our peers and what we wanted to do for our upcoming exhibition. Our main source of inspiration was Christopher Doyle’s Identity Guidelines. We were drawn to the absurdity of treating a person like a logo and creating a strict set of guidelines and wanted to apply this to ourselves in our own distinct way. READ FULL BLOG POST 

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