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Student Name: Grace Colbert
Project Title: The Body is The Bind: How patriarchy interrupts the pursuit of the authentic self
Project Description:
The feminine construct is a set of ubiquitous and compulsory cultural ideals for performing womanhood in society. Though too numerous to be compiled here, the ideals set forth by the feminine construct demand of women bodily perfection in health, image, and comportment; sexual desirability; emotional tranquility; consumerist extravagance; and hyper-domesticity.

The feminine construct thus manifests itself as hyper-vigilant monitoring of the body and self (self-surveillance) in response to the pressure on women to regard femininity as a project in which one must constantly work towards unattainable perfection in every category. Self-surveillance behavior requires that women watch the self as an outside observer in an attempt to monitor the progress of the body and self and to manage impressions of the body and self. READ FULL BLOG POST

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