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Student Name: Claire Bula, Michael Rosenberg,
and Jenna Benoit
Project Title: Re-Memory

Project Description:
After reviewing examples provided by our professor, James Grady, our group (Michael Rosenberg, Jenna Benoit, and Claire Bula) decided that we would cast our net for collection broadly. Prof. Grady provided three potential categories of collections we could explore — raw collection and a translation of that, documentation of an experience or event, or personal data collection. Our group had interests in all three, so we left it open for each of us to explore, over the course of a week, what caught our attention. In conversation, I mentioned that I don’t collect things anymore and I try to own as little as possible, whereas Jenna said she collected lots of mementos and trinkets. One idea that resulted from that conversation was to try and look around our homes and see what kinds of collections existed there, as opposed to gathering collections in the outside world. The resulting collections were of mostly everyday items, but tended to gravitate to objects that held a deeper meaning to us or a memory that was special. We also collected a little bit of data and drew some charts.

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