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Student Name: Gregory Bond, Kendall Gregory, 
Lena Johnson, Emerson Lawton
Project Title: GenZillennial
Project Description:
When James first gave our design group this assignment, we can honestly say that any of us knew what the Impact & Empathy project was, nor what our final product was going to look like in the slightest. Nonetheless, our group trusted the process, and started to dive headfirst into Hyperakt, a website James showed us to find inspiration for our projects. After a lot of sifting, we landed on two projects that resonated with us — the GOOD Wellness Project, and Spotify’s Encouraging Meaningful Impact. We largely enjoyed these two projects due to their use of vibrant colors, and we also liked that both projects utilized design to make people care about their respective subjects, nutrition and community engagement. Ultimately, we decided to lean towards the aesthetics of Spotify’s project, and began moodboarding away, picking things up from Pinterest, Instagram, past projects, and more. READ FULL BLOG POST 

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