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Student Name: Molly Haig
Project Title: Meanings
Project Description:
Meanings — can design itself have meaning, or does meaning emerge only through content? How could you make a design that meant something without its content? What gives design meaning anyways? Is it words? Visual cultural references? Gut reactions like excitement, repulsion, shock? What is the least information a meaningful design can have? Could design make the same material mean different things?

“You don’t quite say what your goal is,” noted my professor. Aesthetically, this was true. I had no idea how this project would look, or how exactly I meant to carry it out, and this was meant to be a “practice” thesis, easily doable in a busy semester — so I revised. Instead of wildly digging for sources of meaning, I zoomed in. I focused on exploring my interest in the boundary between type and image by alternating between digital and physical mediums. READ FULL BLOG POST

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