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Student Name: Naomi Tenenini
Project Title: The Proprium Method
Project Description:
A thesis born from important humble beginnings.
What is something that’s important to you that scares you to think and/or talk about?

I presented this question as the the main thesis statement that would drive the entire project forward. So now you may be asking, “what’s the point of all of this anyway?” and to that I say, “TO SAVE THE WORLD” of course.

Well, not quite, but in a certain sense, yes.

The goal is to provide a method for people to use to overcome their personal struggles that they deem to be meaningful to themselves. It’s all about each person being able to do something worthwhile for themselves. By doing so, I believe that people become more confident, stable, and sane. They then project that outward to the other people in their lives, which builds better communities and lives for everyone involved.

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