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Student Name: Olivia Williams, Kabita Das
Project Title: Beasts of No Nation
Project Description:
We chose a film which neither of us had seen before, hoping that fresh eyes and lack of biases would help us interpret the film in a unique way. A war drama, Beasts of No Nation (2015) presents a perspective and experience far removed from our own. Set in an unspecified African country, the story follows Agu: a child whose life is ruined by civil war. The beginning scenes show the normalcy of Agu’s daily life in his village: bargaining with a local soldier, teasing his macho older brother, climbing trees, singing and dancing in church services, enjoying a meal with his family. Suddenly, the war devastates Agu’s life: his mother and younger sister are forced to flee the village and he witnesses the murder of his father, brother, and grandfather. Over the course of the film, Agu’s experience as a child soldier and his loss of innocence dominate the rest of the narrative. READ FULL BLOG POST

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