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Student Name: Vaishnavi Kumar
Project Title: Layered Narratives + the Handcrafted Experience
Project Description:
In my studio practice, I find that creating pieces that explore deeply personal narratives to tell a story are most fulfilling to me. In terms of form-making, I’m strongly inclined towards incorporating hand-crafted elements (from cut-paper art to model-making). Inspired by the idea of participative art, I wish to create pieces that provide an interactive experience to the audience. My goal is to create a body of work that allows the audience to immerse themselves in and develop their own personal connections. Currently, I’m exploring socio-political themes and/or social advocacy, to see how I can translate them into a set of designed pieces.

Simultaneously, I’m working on a mini-thesis experiment to explore my interest in cut-paper art. I like to cut organic forms out of paper by hand. These forms tend to create large patterns which allow you to see through the paper, creating a dynamic piece. I’m trying to push the actual patterns in a more graphic direction. Further, I’d like to push the interactivity of these pieces in space. Through the addition of imagery, type, layering, light + shadow, how can I make my work more impactful? How can I make them a more engaging and interactive hand-crafted experience whether it’s a print or a motion project?  READ FULL BLOG POST

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